Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Mother Kills Self By Walking In Front Of Traffic After Sons Mysterious Death

This world is truly in a bad state. A mother who was mentally suffering from the death of her 14-month-old son, committed suicide by waking into oncoming traffic. Her sons name was Omoyele Gozales and she took her own life just a few hours after his sudden death.

According to recent reports, authorities were called on Thursday night to Kayelisa Martins Ohio home after family members told the police she was about to kill herself.
Durng the time of this report, investigators claim a family member of the Kayelisa Martins popped up at a nearby Canton fire station, to report the death of 14-month-old, Omoyele Gonzales. When the police finally made it to Kayelisas home, she was reportedly missing from the residence.
The police tried their best to find Kayelisa Martin, but soon after they received a call saying she killed herself by walking in front of a moving truck near Akron-Canton Airport. Police said she was immediately pronounced dead at the scene.
The Stark County Coroners office conducted an autopsy to figure out what was the cause of her sons death, but initial reports were found inconclusive.
Preliminary autopsy findings showed that the child did not die of any trauma, Stark County coroner P.S. Murthy revealed in a statement.
The Canton Police Department said theyre still trying to figure out what led to these tragic deaths.
At this point, we dont know when the infant was deceased or where that happened, Davis said. Were still investigating that aspect of it.
Before Kayelisa Martins son died, investigators said both the child and his mother were involved in a car accident. According to recent reports, Martin was driving a black Nissan Maxima and suddenly lost control of the car.
She told the police that her steering wheel started shaking when she tried to turn into the gas station, which led to her not being able to stop the car. As a result, her car jumped the curb and hit a fire hydrant before sliding into someones front yard. The car finally came to a complete stop. She was ticketed for not operating a car within reasonable control; however authorities still cant figure out if the crashhas a relation to their deaths.
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