Sunday, 28 September 2014

Saudi Arabia to urge Turkey to take active part in US-led coalition against ISIS

Saudi diplomats in various levels traveled to Ankara in past five months to convince Turkish officials to participate in international coalition against the ISIS militants in Syria and Iraq. Theses unsuccessful visits which were arranged in complete secrecy and away from media coverage, failed to persuade the newly-elected President Erdogan to participate in military campaign targeting ISIS positions.

Saud bin Faisal, the Saudi foreign minister held intense negotiations with president Erdogan and his Prime Minster Davuto─člu but the talks ended in no tangible outcome.
The Turkish political experts predict that their country won’t enter US-led coalition though Turkey will pursue its dangerous policies of reviving the Ottoman Empire in the Middle-East.
Nowadays , there is no doubt that ISIS is the illegitimate child of Saudi royal family but as the Islamist terrorists begin to impose serious danger against the Saudi government , the Saudi monarch sees no way to get rid of ISIS except organizing a wide coalition of regional countries to face the ISIS imminent threats .
ISIS senior commander assassinated in Syria
News-websites close to the so-called Islamic state in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) confirmed the news, saying that the high ranking ISIS commander, Abou-Dajaneh, was killed during fierce clashes in eastern Syria but according to a well-informed intelligence source, Abou-Dajaneh was assassinated inside the Iraqi territory while on was his way to Saudi Arabia, planning to carry out attacks against the Saudi army. He was killed by unknown assassins deemed to be hired by the Saudi intelligence. ISIS recognizes that Abou-Dajaneh’s assassination was a Saudi-orchestrated painful blow to the extremist organization and therefore ISIS threatened to revenge for his dead commander.
ISIS weapons on their way to Saudi Arabia
A brief statement issued by the Iraqi counter-terrorism forces declared a state of emergency in the border areas with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).
Kuwait, Jordan and KSA are three Arab countries that have been directly threatened by ISIS forces and the Islamist organization has warned the mentioned countries to desist from participating in US-led coalition, targeting positions held by ISIS forces in eastern Syria.
 The Iraqi army statement also added that the Iraqi forces has confiscated several ISIS trucks loaded with the heavy weaponry and modern electronic equipment which were intended to smuggle into Saudi Arabia through desert and secret routes.
Meanwhile a recent study conducted by PEW Research Center revealed that around 62 % of Saudi soldiers are evincing strong sympathy with ISIS militants because they consider Islamist fighters the only force which can face the US hegemony in the Middle-East.

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