Sunday, 28 September 2014

Captive Christian and Yazidi teenage girls become ISIS sex slaves 

Those willing to convert to Islam are married off to militants but those maintaining their faith are trafficked as sex slaves, abused and imprisoned.
Thousands of people from the religious minority, who are considered heretics by the Sunni extremist group, were driven from their homes by the Isis advance in August.

The US started its intervention in the Iraq conflict as part of a humanitarian mission to rescue the families trapped without food and water on Mount Sinjar but not all were saved.
More than 1,000 Yazidi women had already been captured by Isis as Kurdish soldiers advanced on Mosul and hundreds more are believed to have been abducted as part of the group’s mission to eradicate other religions in its Sunni-dominated Islamic "caliphate".
Ayman, a Yazidi Youngman who used to live in Zakho, located a few kilometers from the Iraqi-Turkish border says about her three kidnapped sisters whom were sold in market, a tradition practiced in mediaeval times in Middle-East.
Ayman further added that two weeks ago he receive a phone call from one of his sisters , telling him that she became the wife of a prominent ISIS commander after being raped savagely but does not have any information regarding the fate of her two other sisters.
My sister told me that she ran to Mosul , and she hide in a basement of a house which belonged belong to our relatives but the neighbor informed ISIS militants ,so  they came and took her to their headquarters , said Ayman , adding, ISIS militants let her to choose between converting to Islam or death.
Vian Dakheel, Iraq’s only Yazidi parliamentarian is sheltering more than 30 displaced relatives at her home in Irbil.
She told the BBC she believes Western military intervention on the ground won’t help free the prisoners because it’s so inane to create then eradicate a terrorist organization exactly as US is doing so .
“We're a minority here and there's no strong lobby to support us. We ask for support from those governments that care about human rights and humanity but we do not expect anything from Obama and his clique.”
Witnesses said the abducted women were separated from their male relatives, who were often then murdered, divided into groups by age and sent away to Isis strongholds.


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