Thursday, 11 September 2014

British nurse who caught Ebola in Sierra Leone plans to return there

William Pooley, the 29 year old British nurse who recently got treated of the Ebola virus which he contracted while working as a voluntaeer nurse in Sierra Leone, says he plans to go back to the country to continue working there and help other victims. Speaking with UK Guardian, Pooley said;

While Im happy to be recovered and alive, theres a lot of stuff on my mind with whats going on back there. It would be relatively safe for me to go back and work there, and its really the least I could do having received all this amazing care and have people look after me and potentially save my life. Its the least I could do to go back and return the favour to some other people, even just for a little while. The more help they get, the less chance there is they get sick. he said. Continue
His mother, Jackie, also supports his wish to head back to Sierra Leone
We would want him to go back, not as an individual but with an organization of some kind so hes got the backing. Obviously in a way we dont want [him] to, but I can see I would feel very proud of him if he decided he was going to, because he knows what it is going to be like, she said.
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