Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Why I Don’t Want To Get Married: Yeni Kuti Opens Up On Her 7-year Relationship With Lover

Why I Don’t Want To Get Married:Yeni Kuti Opens Up On Her 7-year Relationship With Lover
Apparently, not everyone is cut out for marriage and Yeni Kuti is one of such.
While other ladies are racking their brains on how to plan their earth-shattering weddings, Yeni Kuti on the other hand, is planning nothing of such because she’s content being unmarried.

The eldest daughter of late Afrobeat king, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, spoke with CityPeople recently and she opened up on her reasons for ruling out marriage, despite being in a relationship with her current lover for the past 7 years.
According to her, she is quite satisfied being single because she does not need any man as a prop to survive, or to validate her status as a woman.
She said: “I am not single. I have somebody in my life. We have been together for like seven years. We respect each other. But we are not married. I believe that if we ever marry, our relationship will lose the dynamics that we have. I have my house. He has his house. He stays at mine when he wants; I stay at his when I want. Its a kind of loose arrangement.We go on holiday together. We love each other. But the day we marry, we would now start fighting for space. By the time I bring all my clothes and shoes where would he keep them. This way I think it works. He respects the fact that I dont want to get married.”
The 53-year-old TV analyst further explained: “I know a guy who advised me to marry the man I am dating right now, but most people dont seem to get the point. I dont want to get married. I am happy the way I am. I am proud of who I am. I dont need a man to say I am somebody. I can be who I am without a man. I dont need a man as a prop to survive. If I am with a man, I am with him because I love him, because of who he is.
“Not because I cant go to an event alone, or go without a man. I can go to an event alone and enjoy myself, I will sit by myself, carry my Ipad and start checking my mails, I dont need any props. I guess thats why I have been able to stay single, she added.
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