Tuesday, 12 August 2014

We Have Won! LASU Students Commend Fashola, Urge Release Of Jailed Colleagues

We Have Won!LASU Students Commend Fashola, Urge Release Of Jailed Colleagues
LASUSU forced Governor Fashola to restore the old tuition fees and now seeks the release of colleagues arrested during the 3 years struggle

Students of the Lagos State University (LASU) have urged the Governor Babatunde Fashola led Lagos State Government to facilitate the release of their colleagues jailed since the tuition fee protests.
In a statement signed by by LASU Students Union (LASUSU) President, Nurudeen Yusuf, thanked Fashola for reverting the hiked fees but asked that the “incarcerated, victimised and brutalised” students be released.
Our effort is inconclusive if we do not set free some of our people that have been incarcerated, victimised and brutalised including, Fatai Akintola, and other students facing trial in court. An injury to all is an injury to all,” Yusuf said.
With our sweat, our blood, and our strength, we have contributed our own quota to be the change we wish to see in our world.
Most of the students facing trial were arrested during a June protest that saw policemen shooting tear gas and alleged live bullets to disperse them after they blocked the Ikeja – Oshodi roads.
The massive protest, on Tuesday 3rd of June, saw the arrest of 8 students, five males and three females, while 16 students were injured and 10 other hospitalised.
The arrested students were were arraigned on Thursday 5th of June before an Ikeja Magistrate court on charges of disturbance of peace.
The student leader thanked all those that helped LASUSU in its ” seemly impossible” quest.
Today we have set record in the annals of Students Movement in the World.
“We struggled and we have won!” he said.
LASU students won a huge battle that lasted 3 years, from September 2011 to August 2014, when Governor Fashola announced a return to the status quo last week.
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