Thursday, 10 July 2014

Wicked WomanProstitute Injects Google Executive With Heroin And Leaves Him To Die

The Police has finally arrested the prostitute after seven months of disappearance.

Forrest Hayes (R) with Alix Tichelman (L)
A Google executive was found dead in his yacht last November at Santa Cruz Small Craft Harbor in the US after a notorious prostitute reportedly injected him with heroin, drank a swig of wine and left him to die.
According to Police reports, Forrest Timothy Hayes, 51, could be seen in a CCTV footage from the 50-foot yacht Escape losing consciousness. But instead of helping her dying companion, suspect Alix Catherine Tichelman is accused of stepping over his body before disappearing from the yacht as well as the police for over six months!
The body of the divorced father-of-five was discovered by the police a day after. According to the New York Post, a police statement said:
"The video also shows Tichelman stepping over the victim’s body several times as she is gathering her belongings... At one point, she steps over the body to finish a glass of wine. Finally, she leaves the boat and reaches back in to lower a blind and conceal the victim’s body from outside view.”
The 26 year old Tichelman was been taken into custody by police last week following the discovery of the body on November 23.
She appeared in court this morning and has been charged with manslaughter and administering heroin and possessing heroin.
What do you think that dead man's children should do to this whore?
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