Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Rapper T.I. Skinny Dipping NAKED With Wife And 2 Other Women

Forget the fun-spirited show about T.I. and Tiny, Family Hustle, this couple have taken the term marriage to a whole new level.
Its no secret how this couple gets down especially after a tell-all book was released back in 2010 where one groupie revealed how Tiny approached her after finding out she was having an affair with T.I. and asked to join in.
Sharing is caring and Tiny has never seemed to mind sharing the love, riiiight?
Well, photos of T.I and wife, Tiny, skinny dipping in a Jacuzzi with two female friends has gone viral over the internet.
Whats shocking about this photo is that T.I is completely nakedyeah, naked in front of these women and his wife does not seem bothered by this unwholesome display.
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