Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Man Murders Own Grandmother, Sets Her Remains On Fire

A satanic man from Rochester was arrested for killing his grandmother, and setting her dead body on fire to hide the crime from investigators.

A grand jury in Monroe County indicted this demon by the name of Donkish Lesane, 22, with felony charges of second degree murder and second degree arson in association with the death of his late grandmother Winnie Butler. The crime took place inside his grandmothers home located on 294 Fernwood Ave.
Donkish Lesane was originally only facing a felony arson charge, showed up at his aunties Ferwood Avenue apartment to get his hair done, according to his disgusted family. His family didnt know his grandmother was dead. Donkish was so heartless, he killed his grandmother in front of his younger cousins. His grandmother was babysitting some of her grandchildren, inside the first floor apartment where she lived.
Court documents state that Donkish set the fire insidethe first floor apartment and dragged the rest of the grandchildren out of the apartment, but left his dead granny there to burn. According to detectives, there was blood all over Donkishs Rocawear shirt at the scene of the crime on the 8th of July.
His grandmothers died body wasnt locatedin the apartment until days later. A detective saidher death was indeed a homicide and noted she died of numerous injuriesto her body before she was burned to death.
The reason he killed his grandmother and burned her to deathis still the question everyoneis trying to figure out. His mother tried to defend his actions by saying he recently lost employment and broke up with his girlfriend days before he committed this crime.
Donkish Lesane is currently inside the Monroe County Jail without bail (THANK GOD), and will be arraigned on the indictment later this month.
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