Thursday, 10 July 2014

Listen To Young Thug’s Super Lavish ‘Lifestyle’

Young Thug liked being a part of Rich Gang’s single, “Lifestyle,” so much, he decided to drop his own version of the song ahead of the release of his new mixtape 1017 Thug 2.
Although hinged on the same name and subject matter, Thugga’s latest sonic offering is an entirely different delicacy.
While employing his signature staccato flow, the Brick Squad representer spits impishly sinister rhymes like, “I got a whole lotta sh–, ain’t paid a dime, we take everything, we’ll steal the scene, we take n—as bling.”
Thugga’s proclivity for catchy hooks continues here with a lean toward the lavish as he spits, “I’m livin’ that YSL lifestyle, he livin’ that 1017 lifestyle, we livin’ that rich n—a lifestyle.”
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