Sunday, 13 July 2014

Killer Found With Victims Heart Hanging Out Of His Mouth

This world is getting crazier and crazier by the minute. We are definitely living in the lasts days and this story will blow your mind. A man was murdered by a killer who chopped his heart out of his chest. After he ripped the mans heart out of his body, he put his heart on a plate and ate it with a spoon.

One of the authorities at the scene of this gruesome crime stated: At the scene police found the suspect, a Zimbabwean national, eating the heart of a human with a knife and fork.
The 35-year-old killer was arrested. The name of man whose heart was unfortunately digested is MbuyiseloManona. He was already extremely elderly and was slaughtered at about 10:30pm this past Tuesday.
The police stated Manonawas stabbed in the chest many times and there were many bite marks on his neck and face.
A witness, by the name of Nkululeko Mpambo, said he regretfully saw the act take place through a window. He said there was no way he was getting involved because the site was something from a horror movie.
The witness said he saw the killer calmly sitting next to Manonas body on the ground.
His hands were bloody and he kept digging from the body and stuffing his face.
The witness said he followed the authorities to the scene of the crime and the alleged killer had a chunk of the human heart hanging from his mouth.
Manonas wife,Nomonde, said she seen the suspect around their neighborhood before doing construction jobs in the community. His wife also stated the killer had stopped by before he killed her husband and gave her money to buy alcohol from the nearest drug store. When she arrived back from the drug store, she was warned by her tenant not to enter her home.
He said its messy. I was confused by that and forced my way in. Thats when I saw a pool of blood.
I ran outside to ask my neighbors for help.
Nomonde said they had lived in their home for three years and would have never imagined something like this to take place.
Heartbroken by the incident, his wife said: I dont know what to do. This man has ruined my life. My husband was a good, kind and very helpful man.
She also added that before the murder took place, they were peacefully eating soup on their front porch.
His sisters said they could not register what happened to their brother. One of his sisters stated: He came to visit me at my house and we were watching movies all day. It was as if he had come to say goodbye to me. We used to take our chances with him, but he would never shout at us. He loved music and grew up a sportsman. We are really going to miss him.
Police are still investigating the motive for this mans terrible murder. As I mentioned before, we are living in our last days and we all need to pray.
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