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The Veterinary School of Your Nightmares

"Hey, guys! Let's go sneak into the abandoned Anderlecht Veterinary Surgical School! It'll be fun!" And why not -- this musty old building in Brussels will probably be a fascinating look into the past. Besides, it's a veterinary school, and you love animals! Hey, what's on that shelf over there?

Stefaan Beernaert/Environmental Graffiti
Probably some pickled eggs and preserved vegetables.
It seems to be a bunch of jars full of-
Yes, ever since the school was moved to another location in the nearby city of Liege, the building has been abandoned, and it still contains shelves full of what appear to be grotesque mad scientist specimens preserved in formaldehyde. Specimens of what, you ask? Good question. Urban explorers who have penetrated the building have reported such things as "the head of a calf joined with the leg of a cat," and that was just the one they could identify. One look at the twisted horrors on display behind the dusty glass and you'll be convinced that this was no ordinary veterinary school:
Stefaan Beernaert/Environmental Graffiti
Did that hamster eat its own head?
You're probably assuming that this is some pre-Soviet institution from back in the days when real science was just a series of pale men in dank basements trying their damnedest to bring monsters to life. You'd be wrong. The Anderlecht Veterinary School was abandoned way back in the bygone era of 1990, which means that students were still hosting frat parties in these dorms a full decade after Animal House, a title that has an altogether new meaning here.
Stefaan Beernaert/Environmental Graffiti
Here's a split-level animal house.
And if you needed any other reason to stay the hell out of such a place, the whole building is now basically a sealed poison chamber. The formaldehyde used for the preservation of biological specimens tends to give off fumes. Having been abandoned for over 20 years, the unventilated building has allowed the evaporated chemicals to build up into a dense, horrific stench cloud that can literally burn your skin.
Stefaan Beernaert/Environmental Graffiti
The 1990 hospital kept 1790 fear vials for fun.
Bottles of chemicals and vials of medicine can be found scattered throughout the darkened rooms, and the school has been ravaged by looting and vandalism. Potential squatters be warned, however, as tentative planning has the school set to be renovated and turned into a greenhouse. Not quite the fitting end for such a unique place, but hey, Belgians need their tomatoes. Just don't be surprised if your salads shriek with the howls of malformed creatures.

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