Thursday, 17 July 2014


The New York Bird Shit Asylum

Taking a single wrong turn in Queens Village in New York can be a life-changing experience; you might end up mugged and stabbed amid the many rat-infested alleyways, or even worse, you might stumble upon Creedmoor Psychiatric Center. Founded in 1912, it was built to serve those whose mental illnesses left them unable to effectively care for themselves. Now its claim to fame is being steeped knee-high in bird shit.
The photographer took this, tossed the camera to a friend, and was consumed.
Generations of New York's pigeons have flocked to the Creedmoor asylum for no reason but to poop all over it, particularly in the abandoned Building 25, and the preserved towers of guano now serve as monuments to the spirit of fuck everything about this place.
It's like an indoor beach, if the sand were roach fuel.
The birds probably have a good reason to hate the old building -- at a time when similar hospitals were being shut down left and right for sanitary violations, Creedmoor made a name for itself with a dysentery outbreak. But this was the '40s, and it avoided being closed down until 20-plus years later, when an inquiry revealed that "Oh, holy shit, guys." Over a 20-month span, the hospital averaged over 10 violent crimes a month, including assaults, over 130 burglaries, fires, a riot, suicides, and a shooting.
Afterward, they cleaned the place up, producing this.
Today, some parts of the hospital are still in use, housing a few hundred patients. All of them are sitting there, knowing that nearby Building 25 is an abandoned hell of bird shit and tormented souls.

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