Monday, 21 July 2014

2015: Gov. Akpabio Curses Guber Aspirants In Akwa Ibom, Pronounces Death On All His Opponents

Those who have betrayed the Governor will not enter the government House. I thought you would say Amen (then crowd yelled amen!) I thought you would say Amen (Amen!). I thought you would say Amen (Amen) Can you say Amen?

The governor of Akwa Ibom state has rained curses on governorship aspirants who he has not endorsed for the 2015 governors contest in the state, referring to them as enemies who betrayed him.He equally pronounced death on all his perceived opponents, stating that none of them had any reason to fall out with him, because he raised and empowered them all.Akpabio in a fit of anger likened the aspirants as Lucifer and the Biblical Absalom who betrayed God and King David respectively, averring that none of the governorship aspirants would get the chance to rule Akwa Ibom state as they had desired.The governor poured anger on perceived opponents to his alleged plan to install a candidate of his choice as the next governor of Akwa Ibom during a ground breaking ceremony for the construction of a new Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) state Secretariat in Uyo last Thursday.Akpabio in his speech at the event took a step further by pronouncing death and great misfortune over those who fell out with him politically in the state, alleging betrayal on their paths.He coerced all guests present during the ceremony to chorus amen as he openly rained curses on his perceived opponents.Although the angry governor did not drop any name, those who at one point or the other, fell out with him politically in the state include, Patrick Ekpotu, Nsima Ekere, Senator Alloysious Etuk and Bassey Albert.Others include Chief Don Etiebet, Umana Okon Umana, Senator Bob Effiong, Ambassador Assam Assam, Hon Bernard Udoh and a host of others.Akpabio has also been in a running battle with Obong Victor Attah, his predecessor, business guru and first class engineer, Chief Ime Umanah, Architect Otu Ita Toyo and a host of elderstatesmen in the stateHe said to the crowd during the ceremony, Those who want to take power through the backdoor will die. They will die! And the PDP will continue.In Akwa Ibom State, those who want to betray, who were supposed to be our political children, of course they will end like Absalom. But if they changed their minds, then they will obtain favour from the sight of God.Almighty God recognized that even the people he worked with, and called them angels, that one of them was going to betray him, and that was Lucifer. What did God do? He threw him out of heaven. Has he entered Heaven till today?
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