Thursday, 4 September 2014

‘The Ultimate Fighter’ Women — We Only Date Dudes Tougher Than Us!!

If you can’t execute a rear naked chokehold, you’re looking at a group of chicks you have no chance of scoring with … ever.TMZ Sports spoke with the cast of UFC’s “The Ultimate Fighter 20″ (which starts next week on Fox Sports 1) … bona fide bad ass chicks … who tell us they only date dudes who are as deadly as they are.The lovely (and lethal) ladies were out in NY when we asked them if guys are (rightfully) intimidated by them … being they could prolly beat up most of the Earth’s human population.Peep the clip — the ladies make it clear the type of men they date would never be intimidated by ANYONE.They’re pretty hot … might be worth risking a beating.

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