Thursday, 18 September 2014

New Emir Crowned By BH In Occupied Bama Town, Borno

The Senate Floor was thrown into a state according to Hon. Patrick Obhiaghon of “buhaha” when Senator Ali Ndume representing Borno North informed the House that the dreaded Nigerian version of Al-Qada (BH) has gone ahead to install a new Emir in the occupied town of Bama in Borno State over the weekend.

The Senator was so emotional that he described the move by the Terrorist group as an insult to the Sovereignty and Authority of the Federal Government. He said further that when they (BH) started operations, they were like kindergarten militants but now, they are no longer smiling.
The Gwoza born Senator said the members of the sect were not up to 100 and did not have AK47, as such weapons were only available to the country’s security operatives, but still government did not take their threat seriously and wipe them out.
You will recall that when the attacks carried out by this Group were taken seriously by the Jonathan Administration due to their frequency and devastating effects ,a state of emergency and dusk to dawn curfew was imposed on 3 states namely, Adamawa, Borno and Yobe with the hope that the military presence would forestall further attacks by this group but unfortunately the Nigerian Military and people discovered that the Group were serious about their mission (whether it is mission impossible or not), in fact, that they have become bold and grown in confidence to the extent of kidnapping over 200 girls since April 14 of this year (The Chibok 200) who have not been released or rescued (whichever way your opinion lies).
We just hope that this is the last of the whole nonsense carried out by this group and that there decision to impose their own administration in the various centers or locations captured by them won’t extend to the State Capital.
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