Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Man Tortures And r*pes Wife Under Slave Contract

An Indiana man is accused of defiling a woman he married and forced to sign a slave contract.
Kenneth Harden, 32, married his wife in July 2013after meeting her on Craigslist. Police responded to a report of a domestic situation at couples home in Seymour late last month, and found his wife crying, covered in cigarette burns and marks on her neck made by a tight collar, according to WBIW.

A search of the home allegedly turned up a binder labeled Slave Manual 2014, inside of which was an elaborate 11-page set of rules and punishments. Cops say both Harden and his wife signed the document, but the woman told him he made her do it by threatening to leave her if she did not.
She also told police that Harden abused her in multiple ways, including choking her until she was unconscious, and abusing her with a collection of s*x toys called his bag of torture.
After her child went to school,Harden would allegedly force his wifes headand hands into a wooden box, according to WBTV. He also allegedly abused her dog.
The victim says that Harden was not violent before they got married. She also told investigators she did not leave her husband because he controlled the medication she used to treat her severe diabetes, according tot he Indy Channel.
Tyler Davers, who lives below the couple,told WBTVhe had heard loud fighting and banging around and stuff upstairs but never thought anything of it.
According to WHAS 11, neighborspreviously reported the suspicious noisesto building management.
Davers also said he observed Hardens wife was always wearing a leather collar.
It was just a black strap and you could see where the chain could go into it. She wore it at the bus stop. She wore it everywhere she went, he said.
Harden faces charges including r*pe, battery, and criminal confinement.
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