Saturday, 20 September 2014

ISIS vows to carry out revenge attacks on U.S. and Its Arab allies amid speculations of imminent American massive air-strikes

Izzat Ibrahim Al-Douri, a senior Baathist rebel and a close ISIS ally declares that if U.S. steps up its air-strikes against ISIS forces, the Islamist organization will carry out revenge attacks against American worldwide interests, warning Saudi officials of complicity in military campaign against radical Sunni group.

Mr. Al-Douri described U.S. probable air-strike as totally ineffectual and will only civilian causalities, noting that Ba’athists forces, loyal to former Iraqi notorious dictator, Saddam Hussein, will conduct reprisal strikes including suicide missions against Persian Gulf Arab states.
Al-Douri underlined that America’s regional allies are fully aware of their weakness and ISIS’s military might; therefore it is in their best interest to accept a truce with extremist militants.
In the recent day, the Saudi officials succumbed to White House mounting pressures to stop supporting and financing ISIS, thus political experts construe the latest Al-Douri’s message as a direct warning to Saudi king.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi: my mission is to revive medieval Islamic Caliphate
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, The self-proclaimed ISIS Caliphate, speaking in the ceremony to commemorate ISIS dead (martyred) militants, stated that his men have restored Prophet Muhammad’s five forgotten teachings, which are as following:
1)    Conducting the sacred war (Jihad) after many centuries of stagnation and therefore Islamic forces can vanquish their enemies as their ancestors did in early years of Islamic conquest in 7th century.
2)    Limiting women to their houses in order to serve their husbands and to fulfill their motherly duties, and above all forcing them to wear veils.
3)    Islamic unification has been realized with the emergence of the ISIS because Mujahedeen has been unified and came from different countries to Iraq and Syria to sacrifice for the sake of Allah.
4)    Reestablishing the idea of creating a powerful Islamic empire in the Middle-East.
5)    Punishing philosophers, infidels, Shiites, Sufi Muslims and all who deviated from Muhammad’s strict teachings.
Al-Baghdadi concluded that his empire will reach the zenith of Islamic civilization when it can conquer Saudi Arabia and also Yemen.

ISIS sets up special training camps for children
According to local Iraqi citizens whose villages were occupied by ISIS terrorist, the Islamist militants created special training camps for children, aging from 8 to 15. ISIS forced parent to let their children attend those training camp established by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).
Those living in the eastern city say ISIS has instituted rules banning traditional children's games and forcibly conscripting children to ISIS. They say ISIS is recruiting children under 15 to special ISIS camps established to introduce minors to the foundations of their brand of Islam.
Some of the male children are then transferred to an adult military camp, where they are trained to use arms and fight. Sources familiar with activity inside the camp say in order to teach the children how to carry out suicide missions.
During the ongoing Islamist rebellion in Syria, ISIS suicide missions reached unprecedented levels, using children to target the civilians in government-controlled areas.
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