Saturday, 20 September 2014

ISIS seeks peace with U.S. and wants international community to recognize its rule over territories it captured

After U.S. stepped up its air strikes against ISIS positions in Iraq, ISIS’s representatives in Turkey met with a senior American diplomat and conveyed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s intention to reach a truce with Americans and even with Kurdish peshmerga forces to end months of hostilities.

ISIS emissary assured American official on Monday that in case White House accepted the proposed cease-fire , stopped its campaign against extremist rebels and recognized ISIS legitimacy over vast areas in Iraq and neighboring Syria, ISIS will retreat to the agreed boundaries.
Yet there is no exact results showing the CIA reached a final agreement with its terrorist cronies but the considerable decrease in U.S. Air Force missions in Iraq since the last week reveals a positive ground for bilateral understanding.
Ideological differences exacerbate conflict within ISIS members
Meanwhile a serious tension is simmering among ISIS ranks as some ultra-extremist members demand all ISIS fighters, locals and foreigners, to convert to Wahhabi faith, an extremist pseudo-Sunni sect.
According to London-based the Middle-East newspaper ,internal skirmishes reached a critical point where many ISIS members importuned their self-proclaimed Caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, to prevent other recalcitrant and wayward members from harassing them and hurling vile epithets at them such as infidel and pagan.

Wahhabi ultra-extremist philosophy is adopted by Saudi royal family and there is a historical and traditional alliance between Wahhabi scholars and Saudi court. Since 18th century, Saudis assiduously tried to proselytize their deviant school of thought among the local population and later on among other nations and nowadays in European countries.
Based on Wahhabi religion, when a person wants to convert to this bizarre cult, must confess that before that moment, he/ she was a pagan and worthy to be decapitated.

ISIS soldiers plunder villagers’ corps                                                                     
In an another report from war-torn Iraq , according to distraught Iraqi villagers, ISIS soldiers riding TOYOTA pickups intrude into their tranquil villages and force them to sell their corps specially wheat, in very cheap prices and in case the hapless villagers were not willing to sell their harvests at unfair prices, they were being threatened to be executed immediately.
 After ransacking Iraqi villages in Al-Anbar and Mousl provinces, ISIS transfers these corps into silos in neighboring Syrian Al-Riqqa city which is under its control. By adopting scorched earth policy, ISIS created bread shortage in Mousl, Iraq’s second largest city, seized by Islamist militants in early July. Many Iraqis are terribly worried about dearth of food and other vital commodities.
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