Sunday, 28 September 2014

ISIS: Saudi Arabia is our next target

A senior Jordanian security official, who preferred to remain anonymous, told BBC that ISIS terrorist cells that were previously staged several deadly attacks against the Jordanian army and security forces are being deployed from Ma’an, a small city in southern Jordan, 218 kilometers southwest of the capital Amman to areas near the border with the Saudi Arabia, following the Saudi air-force carrying out airstrikes targeting positions held by ISIS forces inside Syrian territory.

Citing the need to come up with urgent measures to prevent ISIS militants to retaliate for Saudi participation in US anti-ISIS coalition, the Jordanian security official added that ISIS successfully smuggled big part of its forces and weapon caches from its hideouts in Jordan to unknown locations inside the Saudi territories.
“We don’t have precise information regarding the final destination of ISIS terrorists who entered the Saudi territories but we are well-informed about their plans to target vital oil installations,” added the Jordanian official.
Saudi Arabia pushes to get new advanced US-made weapons
Saudi Arabia which currently prepares to confront the ISIS militants is trying to quickly obtain weapons it previously ordered from American, British and Israeli arm companies before its scheduled delivery in 2017. The Saudi top officials started to visit certain European capitals to urge western governments to precipitate the delivery of advanced weapons to the oil-rich Arab state.
According to the intelligence reports, the Saudi officials seek to acquire modern reconnaissance and data collection systems and weaponry much needed in the civilian warfare which might ignite by the ISIS sympathizers inside the Saudi kingdom.
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