Thursday, 11 September 2014

HORRIFIC: Mom And Relatives Plucks Out 5-Year-Old Sons Eye With Spoon In Satanic Ritual 

A Mexican family has been locked up after gouging out the eye of a 5-year old with a spoon as part of a satanic ritual in connection with the end of the world, according to a Daily Mail report.

The kid,Fernando Caleb Alvarado Rios was told to close his eyes out of respect for his mother, grandparents and other relatives while they danced in circles, calling on Satan to reveal himself. But the scared toddler refused, leading his mother,Maria del Carmen Garcia Rios to grab a spoon and with the help of others, plucked out his eyes.
Tragic: Fernando Caleb Alvarado Rios, now aged seven, had his eyes gouged out in May 2012 by his mother, aunt, two uncles and grandparents during a satanic ritual because he refused to close his eyes out of respect [Photo Credit: central European News]
Jailed: Maria del Carmen Garcia Rios has been sentenced to 30 years in jail for the attack on her son [Photo Credit: Central European news]
They were later apprehended after neighbours heard shouting from the house and upon investigation, found the boy screaming in pain.After more than 2 years since the incident in May 2012, a court has finally given all of the suspects 30 years in jail.
Fernando has since been given glass eyes and is now in care.
The family which from the town of Nezahualcoyotl, believed the Devil could help them from a deadly earthquake and save them as his own.
The neighbour who raised the alarm, Joaquin Arguello told the court said he used to think the family was a religious one, not knowing they were satanists.
Recovering: The child, pictured playing with Mexico state governor, now has glass eyes and is in care [Photo Credit: central European news]
Escape: He was born into a family that believed Satan could save them from a fast-approaching apocalypse [Photo Credit: central european news]
He said: We could hear screaming and we were banging on the door but nobody was answering, then a police patrol came past and one of the women who was with us ran into the road to flag it down, and officers forced their way inside.
Police officer Benet Curiel said they had witnessed the scene in which the scantily garbed were hunched over the boy who was screaming, adding that the two women were covered in blood.
Rescue: Neighbours in the town of Nezahualcoyotl heard the boys screams and rushed to save him [Photo Credit: Central European News]
Building a new life: Fernando will be given specialist care and a new home as his family is jailed for life [ central European News]
I asked one of the women what was going on and she told me her name was Carmen Rios Garcia, and that the boy was her son. She identified him as Fernando Caleb Alvarado Rios, and said he was five years old, and said that she and her sister Lizbeth had done it.
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