Monday, 15 September 2014

Comedian Princess speaks once again about her failed marriage, says negative media contributed to it

Comedienne Princess Damilola was a guest on YNaija’s Rubbin Minds today September 14th and she once again spoke about her failed marriage.
Princess, who revealed her marriage ended just two weeks after her wedding in May 2013, said negative media contributed to the failure of her marriage.

“Its like a mystery. It was based on the fact that individual differences came up and after the two weeks when the marriage ended, I didn’t think it was something of joy for me to start announcing to everyone and then my family and the guy’s family believed that we could all make it work so we started trying to see how…and then I think around July things came back, wasn’t too smooth but we were determined to make it work and that is the most important thing but when everything finally ended, it was really very painful and all that but I didn’t tell anybody.” Continue…
I discovered that people in London even get to hear things first even before people in Lagos. I was in London because I was not feeling too well, I had to leave the country and then people started coming to my place and were asking questions and I was like I am okay. So December 26, I decided to let the cat out of the bag. You know I was facing so many things you know…I was pregnant twice in a year according to some bloggers. So all I said was…it was a was meant to let the story land softly…”the marriage has ended”.. and I started seeing people pressing their phones immediately and I was like who are you talking to? Are you trying to tell Linda Ikeji or something?….Anyways people were saying so many things on the day of the wedding, I didn’t know but on our honeymoon, someone directed us to the internet and that was were most of the problems started, things about me, things about the guy and there is so much pressure that each person can take. I was like “common people write stuff” but the guy was like “are you kidding me?. The marriage ended due to irreconcilable differences but then the negative media contributed to it” she said.
On how long they dated, Princess said;
“Yes, For some months”
“I have seen people date for 10 years and then the marriage didn’t go far and I have seen people date for one month and the marriage went far. So that’s why I keep saying I don’t think there is anybody that wants to get married with the intention of saying let this marriage fail”
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