Wednesday, 13 August 2014

You Win N10,000 Right Now if You Can Solve this Riddle

Still carrying on with our Laila’s Blog August N100k giveaway, between now and Sunday, 4 Laila’s Blog readers will win N10k, N5k, N5k, N5k for themselves. And our first N10k goes to whoever gets the answer to this riddle correctly.
Please note, in a situation where more than 1 person gets the answer correctly, winner will be randomly picked from the correct answers. Copy and paste answers won’t be counted o.
Here is the riddle:
You have been given the task of transporting 3,000 apples 1,000 miles from Orangeland to Chocolateville. Your truck can carry 1,000 apples at a time. Every time you travel a mile towards Chocolateville you must pay a tax of 1 apple but you pay nothing when going in the other direction (towards Orangeland).What is highest number of apples you can get to Chocolateville? Include how you got your answer too.
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