Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Why I’m not married-Halima Abubakar

When asked about her reason for not being married till now,Halima told Encomium
“Will I ask a man to marry me? Is it not when you see the man that you want to settle down with that you can decide to marry? You cant just settle down with anybody because you need to marry. I dont want to go into marriage and rush out of it. There is a lot of mistrust and we also have so many irresponsible men so to speak. There are lots and lots of liars among men out there. And if they meet a girl that really loves them, they wont know because they are used to lying.
I am not hoping. Its going to happen when it will happen. I am not searching for a husband. So, dont quote me on that. I am just going to tell you, and as usual I dont talk about any relationship. I am just giving you a general insight of what life is about.”
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