Thursday, 14 August 2014

Weird MC Says She Wasnt Appointed Commissioner In Osun State

Reports hit the internet days after the much talked about Osun governorship election that masculine looking rapper, Weird MC has been appointed as a commissioner in the state.

Weird MC has however come forward to say that all the rumors were lies, she denied the story of her appointment as Commissioner of Culture and Tourism in Osun State.
The 44-year-old entertainer says the rumors are false, insisting she has not been contacted by the Governor or any of his aides.
I just heard about it this morning. I dont know anything about it and at this point I would rather keep quiet and let the rumour continueshe said.
The rumour sparked off after she retweeted a post from a certain Sir Akanni Ade with handle @jimAAK who wrote on Twitter,Osun has decided: Commissioner for Art and Culture to Weird MC Official. Your struggle has finally being laid to rest. Indeed you need a vacation.
She however confirmed that she will take up the post if offered,Of course, I would accept it. Hes one one man that I admire and would love to work withshe said.
Weird MC, an indigene of Ogun State, is one of the numerous Nigerian entertainers that campaigned vigorously for Rauf Aregbesola, incumbent Governor of The State of Osun.
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