Monday, 18 August 2014

Say What! Policeman Flees After Mistaking Eboka For Ebola

This is a funny report by Leadershipng..They say it happened for real…..
In what looks like illegal road block mounted by some suspected mobile policemen around Umunede new Road junction on the popular Asaba-Benin Expressway at the weekend created funny scenes when one of the policemen, believed to have hailed from the northern part of the country, ran and shouted for help after mistaking Eboka for Ebola.

Those who saw him running at the state of confusion also took to their heels, while those trapped in their vehicles that could not immediately run for their dare lives watched hopelessly for the worst to come.
It was gathered that the mobile policeman had demanded to check the particularly of a privately owned car and shouted at the owner of the car to bring his particulars.
With the threatening look on the face of the policeman and the gun he was clutching, the car owner was said to have told him Eboka, causing him to take off at a frightening speed and shouting for help.
Soon, other vehicles behind and his colleagues were also said to have run away as well, until they were told that the mans name was Eboka, not Ebola
Expectedly, after being told that Eboka (which means family is supreme in Ika language) was different from Ebola by those who rushed to catch a glimpse of the unfolding drama, the fleeing police man returned.
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