Saturday, 23 August 2014

SAD: 7-Year-Old Girl Dies In Kaduna Flood

A seven-year-old girl identified as Theresa James was discovered dead after a heavy rainfall inAnguwar Yelwa Community,Chikun local government area of Kaduna state on Friday, August 22, 2014.

According to reports, the flood which was as a result of two ddays non-stop rain had destroyed houses,parts of the Anguwar Yelwa Sabo bridge and immense destruction in the community.
While briefing newsmen, a resident of the areaSolomon Daye, 17 said they were sleeping when they discovered water was rushing in large quantity into their houses.
He said, Before we could jump up the whole place was flooded and within a twinkle of an eye the water got to myshoulders.
There was aneighbor of mine who went to a night vigil and left her four children at home.
Three of the children slept on the bed while the other one slept on the floor and since theyre little children and were unable toescape the flood.
In the morning when the rain subsided,we discovered thatthe flood raised the three children who were on the bed while James who was sleeping on the floor died as she could not escape.
When concerned residents arrived to rescue the children, they didnt even know there were four of them in the house, it was when the water subsided and they went to arrange the room that they found the body ofthe girl.
Rachel Olaoye, the Shepherd in-charge, Cherubim & Seraphim Church Movement, one of the buildings that collapsed pleaded withKaduna state government to come to their aid.
He said the area had experienced a similar casein the past and it was time the state government came to their aid.
He said,In the evening yesterday around 1am when the rain started, we thought it was going to be a normal rainfall, but before we could do anything the gutters and our homes were filled with water and then we all climbed the ceiling both the elders and children. Its unfortunate we lost a child.
This is what happened last year, which prompted me to go and seek for a loan of N670,000 to erect this concrete wall youre seeing today. This has helped to reduce the inflow of water into this area if part of the bridge did not collapse there wouldnt be any flood.
It is because the bridge collapsed that was why this flood entered our homes. Because of this erosion problem three years ago Ive been to the Kaduna State House of Assembly, Chikun Local Government Headquarters asking them to help us see what they can do concerning erosion but to no avail.
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