Monday, 18 August 2014

Nigerians Have Nothing To Show For 15 Years Of Democracy NLC

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has said despite the nations uninterrupted democracy in the last 15 years, there are very few dividends of democracy to show for the period.
The labor union noted that serial acts of impunity, abuse of human rights, harassment of the media, the disruption of peaceful protests, diminishing jobs, among others, had been the bane of successive governments at the centre.

It, therefore, urged the Federal Government to make democracy more benevolent and beneficial to majority of Nigerians.
In a communiqu issued after its National Executive Meeting (NEC) in Enugu by its President, Comrade Abdulwahed Omar, the NLC said: The NEC-in-session observed that although the nation has had 15 years of unbroken democracy, there is little to show as dividends of democracy. NEC noted serial acts of impunity, abuse of human rights, harassment of the media, the disruption of peaceful protests, diminishing jobs, etc, and urged the government to make democracy more benevolent and beneficial.
The NEC-in-session noted with concern the deteriorating security situation in the country, especially in the Northeast, where insurgents continue to pillage the land, and in the Southsouth, where unabated crude oil theft has all but left the economy prostrate. It, accordingly, urged the government not to relent in its effort at securing the nation.
The union said it had resolved to get employers of labour to maintain a group life assurance policy for their employees with a minimum benefit of three times the total emolument, in line with the provisions of the Pension Reform Act 2014, Section 4 (5).
It also faulted the governments delay in implementing the 33.3 per cent increase in pension payment approved by stakeholders and vowed to ensure its implementation.
The NLC frowned at attempts by some officials of the Ministry of Labour to break the rank of industrial unions by creating false and illegal dichotomies.
The umbrella union urged the government not to cause controversy in Labour circles.
It, however, commended the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for improving in the conduct of elections.
NLC said: The NEC-in-session commended the INEC for its improved performance in the conduct of elections, but cautioned against the over-militarisation of election zones as it could be counter-productive and, accordingly, urged the government to take note.
The NEC-in-session called on the government to ensure that the 2015 general elections are free, fair, credible and acceptable.
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