Monday, 11 August 2014

Mysterious Knife Falls From Sky And Lands In Mans Head And He Doesnt Even Notice (PHOTOS)

Xiao Yunzhi got the scare of his life when a knife fell from an eighth-floor balcony and landed in his head, but it still took him a while to notice it was there
Lucky escape: Mr Xiao is treated after he inexplicably suffered minimal damage from the knife
A Chinese man hassuffered a lucky escapeafter a knife fell from the sky and landed in the top of his head.

Xiao Yunzhi, 57, was out for a walk in his hometown of Guangyuan, Sichaun Province, before a five-inch kitchen knife fell from the top of a high-rise apartment block.
Even more unbelievably, Mr Xiao did not immediately notice the impact, despite reporting that his head started to feel heavy.
However, as soon as the problem was pointed out by the astonished local tobacconist, pain rushed though Mr Xiaos body as bemused onlookers called for an ambulance.
He was still beingtreated by local intensive careon Monday after the knife which was lodged in his head was finally removed.
Damage: Mr Xiao assessed the damage that the knife caused to the top of his head
The mans sister was quick to the scene and explained the horror.
It was terrifying to see, the Telegraph reports.
The knife handle was sticking out of the top.
He is stable but is not fully out of danger yet, his sister said. He cannot use the phone yet in case it has an effect on his condition.
The knife reportedly belonged to a man named Mr Wu, who said that he left his kitchen utensil on one of his balcony flowerpots, never imagining thatit could have fallen off.
They told the police that the wind must have blown it off, Miss Xiao added. They have already come to visit my brother in the hospital and have paid some of his medical bills.
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