Sunday, 24 August 2014

ISIS terrorist who murdered James Foley unmasked as Special forces close in on him(Photos)

Days after the shocking and heartbreaking video of kidnapped US photographer,James Foley being killed was realeased,the US and UK have vowed to find the killer and bring justice. Looks like it didn’t take them too long.
They used clues from his eyes and reports from former hostages.. Here is a report by Mailonline
It emerged as reports suggested that British intelligence services had identified the true identity of the terrorist who beheaded Mr Foley as seen in a video which shocked the world – known as ‘Jihadi John’.A key suspect is 23-year-old Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, a rapper who until a year ago lived with his family in their 1m home in the affluent London area of Maida Vale, 
but recently appeared on social media grasping a severed head, an anonymous government source told The Sunday Times.British Special Forces hunting the killer of James Foley are using an array of sophisticated equipment to track him down and possibly free other hostages being held.
In the past 48 hours a significant force of SAS soldiers and signallers have deployed to northern Iraq, joining Iraqi and Kurdish units fighting IS.
They have separated into four-man teams and are accompanying local troops in an attempt to capture British jihadis, identify them and establish links to Jihadi John.One SAS source said: It is possible to identify British jihadis on the battlefield by intercepting their radio messages. When theyre captured by the Iraqis or Kurds well take a close interest in their questioning.Gathering information such as their blood group and DNA, as well as voice recordings in either Arabic or English, will help us zero in on Jihadi John because it can be compared with existing data.
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