Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Is this the biggest baby bump ever? Woman had 55-inch tummy

It hasnt been confirmed but theres currently no woman on record in the UK who has had a 55-inch baby bump. 29 year Lara Carpenter-Beck, gained so much weight as her pregnancy progressed that she couldnt even fit into normal maternity wear.

The first time mum gained weight at a rapid rate during her pregnancy because she has diabetes.
At just 12 weeks people were asking me when I was due- I was that big. And my bump just kept growing and growing. It was my first pregnancy and so I had no idea what to expect- but I knew it wasnt normal to grow at the rate I was- especially with just one baby. She explained. Continue

At 32 weeks a nurse informed Lara her baby already weighed 6lbs- the size of some full-term babies.
Just four weeks later, Lara was rushed in for a caesarean after her waters broke unexpectedly.

Lara and her partner welcomed baby Savannah into the world, who was born weighing a hefty 9lbs 5oz
Chris and I always assumed we were having a boy because my bump was so big, so it was a massive surprise to find out we had a girl. She was a big baby and filled the weighing scales.
We were so happy she was healthy though, we could cope with the fact she was a bit bigger than most newborns. Lara said
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