Thursday, 21 August 2014

Harrison Ford — Solo Goes Yolo … Plunges Down 2,500 Foot Slide

J.J. Abrams ain’t gonna like this … ’cause Harrison Ford put his recently broken leg at risk this week when he went barreling down a 2,500 foot mega-slide — just days before he’s due back on the “Star Wars” set.Ford — whose Han Solo scenes were pushed back when he broke his legon the set in June — hit up the Alpine Slide in Jackson Hole, Wyoming on Tuesday to take the 2,500 foot plunge with his family.The slide is no joke — with riders sometimes reaching speeds of 30 miles per hour. And we’re told Ford was FLYING down the chute … and screaming to the rider in front of him to speed up!!!We’re told Harrison is a regular on the Alpine Slide — and often rides with his grandkids — but when you’re nursing a broken ankle (and you’re 72) and an entire production revolves around YOU, maybe find a less dangerous hobby??Fortunately, the force was strong with Harrison — no injuries, no accidents, no problems. He’s reportedly due back on the “Star Wars” set by the end of the month to finish shooting.
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