Thursday, 14 August 2014

Gaza truce ‘extended by five days’

Israel, Palestinians ‘extend Gaza truce by five days’Thousands of homes have been destroyed by the fighting in Gaza, according to the United Nations
  • Children in conflict
Israeli and Palestinian negotiators have reportedly agreed to extend a ceasefire in Gaza by five days, minutes before the expiry of a three-day truce.

Officials from both sides have been holding indirect talks in the Egyptian capital, Cairo, aimed at finding a solution to the Gaza conflict.
Palestinian and Egyptian officials said a deal had been reached – but Israel has not confirmed this.
Five rockets have meanwhile been fired from Gaza, Israel’s military says.
No casualties have been reported in Israel. Hamas militants have denied they fired the rockets.
However, an Israeli official said the Israeli military had been ordered to respond to the rocket fire.
Light streaks are seen in the sky on Wednesday evening, as Israel reports renewed rocket fire from Gaza
The extension to the ceasefire was agreed less than an hour before the existing three-day truce expired at midnight local time (21:00 GMT).
“We have agreed to give more time for the negotiations,” the head of the Palestinian delegation in Cairo, Azzam al-Ahmed, told AFP news agency.
The BBC’s correspondent in Gaza, Kevin Connolly, says the breakthrough came at a point when the talks appeared to be on the brink of breakdown.
The negotiations ahead will still be forbiddingly difficult, he adds.
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