Saturday, 2 August 2014

Father Punches Man For Staring At His Teenage Daughter Too Hard

An unidentified father apparently pnched another man for looking at his daughter too hard, according to police in Pennsylvania.
The Upper Darby Police Department says the father went too far when he spotted another man staring at his teenaged daughter.

According to CBS Philly, the incident took place at Wawa in Upper Darby.
If somebodys looking at your daughter why dont you confront him instead of pnching him? said Upper Darby police Superintendent Michael Chitwood. This guys not an overprotective father Thats just his excuse for thumping the guy.
The unidentified father punched a man for looking at his daughter [Photo Credit: CBS]
Heres the posting from the police departments Facebook page:
UDPD needs help identifying these two in connection with an assault. Apparently the male did not approve of another man looking at his daughter and struck him in the face, causing serious injury. Anyone who can ID either one or both of the subjects in this photo please message me or call 610-734-7693. All tips can be anonymous if you choose. If you could share this post that would also be helpful. Thanks again!
Chitwood said that although the man looked at the teen, he didnt cross a line that shouldve ended in violence.
There is no indication that the victim said anything to this young lady or touched this young lady, Chitwood said. The accusation was he was looking at her.
The victim in this case reportedly suffered minor injuries.
The victim suffered a laceration to his head, Chitwood says, and a possible concussion.
The father got away in a four door Ford.
What do you think of this fathers actions? He mayve had reason to get upset, but did he go too far when he put his hands on the man in question? What should be the punishment?
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