Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Ebola: Residents cry out as mystery monkey terrorises them

With the advent of Ebola,residents of the Federal Housing Estate, Oke-Ila, Ado-Ekiti, are scared stiff over the sudden appearance of a mysterious monkey in the area.

The monkey, described by residents as having a light brown skin, was said to have escaped from the home of its master, also a resident in the area, two weeks ago and began terrorising everyone in the area.With panic written on their faces, the residents said the animal was jumping fences, attacking women and children and seizing fruits from hawkers in the area.
Abiodun Ajayi, a resident, told Daily Sun:It was about two weeks ago that a woman raised the alarm that she saw a monkey, coming out of a nearby bush around her house in the estate and because she isnt a young woman, we believed her. Since then, we have been looking for the monkey.Last Sunday, I invited officials of the Civil Defence Corps when I saw the monkey on a tree. But before it could be shot, it dived into a compound and vanished. It comes and goes anytime and anyhow.We wish government would come to our rescue. Last week, it attacked about two people around Covenant Academy and Housing Estate on Afao Road here.
The monkey is real. There is no one in this area who can say he has not seen it. Children cannot play freely again and women are being harassed by the monkey. This is the period of Ebola. Government should please help us.The Public Relations Officer of the NCSDC in the state, Mr. Tolulope Afolabi said
The species is different from the common small ones. It is big enough to cause anyone fears. It has been seen beside Covenant Academy and Upper land areas.
When we got there after we had been told, we saw it but could not shoot. And then we left after we had given out our numbers. Then they called us again. But we still could not kill shoot it like that. We had to be careful.
We gathered that the monkey had crossed to the other side of the road now. We want to assure residents that we are on top of the issue and our officers and men are on ground trailing the animal all the time either to kill or catch it. Whichever option is possible, we will do it,
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