Thursday, 21 August 2014

Discrimination? 20 Nigerian Students To Undergo Ebola Screening In US University

Nigerian students studying at a US University will be screened for the Ebola Virus disease in preparation for a possible outbreak

Twenty Nigerian students attending the Liberty University (LU), Lynchburg, Virginia, United States will be screened for the deadly Ebola Virus Disease as they return for the new session.
The students, as well as other international students, will be required to complete surveys, detailing visits to any West African village and also have their temperatures by health officials.
LU has twenty Nigerian students, seventeen of whom are newly admitted.
The students will be monitored, and have their temperatures checked by LU’s public health students for 21 days.
According to a report by Times Dispatch, healthcare and communication protocols and medical rooms have been established on each campus in the entire Lynchburg area as a precaution.
Ebola, a viral hemorrhagic fever, has killed over 1,200 people in the West African countries with higher prevalence in Liberia, Sierra Leone and New Guinea.
Nigeria has also registered a number of cases, a few of whom have died.
Liberty University is a private, non-profit Christian university located in Lynchburg, Virginia, United States.

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