Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Civil Defence And Mobil Police Officers Caught On Tape In Armed Struggle (RECORDING)

Following a recent allegation of an alleged assassination attempt by a police inspector on the life of the Commandant-General ofNigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Ade Abolurin, a video has emerged of an alleged power struggle between mobile police officer and NSCDC officers.

Sahara Reporters published the video and the information concerning the video. It is unclear where and when the incident happened.
Sahara Reporters reports that Nigerian Civil Defense and Police force members can be seen engaged in a power struggle, one which escalates as members of both sides draw guns. Occurring in full view of a number of citizens, the fight threatens to take a deadly detour at many points.
However, a close look at the video shows that officers of the Civil Defence Corps were unarmed in the video.
The Nigerian Police Force had issued a statement which attempted to ridicule the claims of assassination on its commandant-general by the NSCDC and said that investigations had begun on the report.
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