Friday, 8 August 2014

Chew Tobacco Leaves And Drink Honey: Ghanaian Imam Offers Solution To Ebola Virus

A Ghanaian Islamic cleric, Shamuna UstazJibril, known in the country for his predictions and interpretations, has linked the Ebola pandemic to the consumption of carcasses.
He called on medical practitioner to look into the effects of the consumptionof the carcassesof felines.
Based on the clerics opinion, he disputed the fact that the deadly virus is transmitted through handshake explaining that it can bepassed through coughingand blood transfusion andtherefore not by handshakes.
Jibril agreed that the disease has no cure for now but there are medicines that can inhibit its spread and added that with time he would come up with recommendations.
He chipped in a precautionary method, that those who are suspected of the infection should chew tobacco leaves or bitterleaves and drink honey.
To doctors dealing withinfected patients, he said,They should inhale tobaccoleaves and wash theirhands with dawadawasolution followed by thechewing of the dawadawaseeds.
He also advised those who washed dead bodies of the victims to putfresh tobacco leaves and seedsinto their mouths, ears and noses.
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