Thursday, 28 August 2014

Black Magic: Witches Chop Off Mans Hand And Burn Him Alive Because He Was A Rival

A group of witches chopped off a mans arms and burned him alive when he sought their help in treating his sick son.

The witches were said to have stabbed the man repeatedly, hacked him with axes and set him on fire with a kerosene soaked rag.
‘They were laughing and dancing around his body to music while he screamed in agony. In the end there was just a pile of ashes left,’ said a police spokesman in Mandla, Madhya Pradesh, the closest city to where the ritual slaying happened.
The victims wife told the police: ‘It was sickening. They surrounded him and took turns to stab him with tridents and hack at him with an axe.
‘They cut off his hands because they said that was where his power was.
‘My husband told them he had no powers, no witchcraft, but they wouldn’t listen. The more he screamed, the more they sang and the more they laughed.
‘Then to make sure his power was gone for ever, they said they had to burn him. This was in front of our son who was terrified.’
The witches let the woman and her son leave but vowed to curse them if they told anyone. The pair immediately ran to the nearest police station to report the incident ignoring the witches threats.
The leader of the coven, Parvati, and her disciples have been arrested and put in police custody, awaiting trial.
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