Sunday, 24 August 2014

AVB, Ronaldo, Messi, Mourinho – Football’s best ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – which aims to raise awareness and funding foramyotrophic lateral sclerosis or motor neurone disease – has become the internet phenomenon of 2014, with politicians, celebrities, sports stars and thousands of others jumping at the chance to drench themselves in ice water before nominating three more people of their choice to suffer the same fate.
Many of football’s biggest names have already undergone the challenge, and Goal takes a look at some of the best videos. ANDRE VILLAS-BOAS – The Zenit St Petersburg boss has established a reputation for being difficult for his employers to deal with and it’s difficult to believe his decision to nominate Roman Abramovich, Daniel Levy and Porto president Pinto da Costa is an innocent coincidence. CRISTIANO RONALDO – The reigning Fifa Ballon d’Or and Goal 50 winner left little to the imagination, undertaking the challenge in nothing but his underpants before nominating music stars Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce and Lil Wayne. LIONEL MESSI – The Barcelona superstar wasted little time in joining his Real Madrid rival in the ranks of the soaked before nominating Argentina team-mates Sergio Aguero and Ezequiel Lavezzi. He didn’t seem to enjoy it, but then that’s probably the point. JOSE MOURINHO – The most surprising thing about the Special One’s soaking is the revelation that he’s friends with singer Bryan Adams and actor James McAvoy. The most satisfying thing is, of course, his reaction. PATRICK VIEIRA – The former Arsenal hardman and current Manchester City coach took the opportunity to settle some old scores by nominating old adversary Roy Keane andretired referee Graham Poll, as well as old boss and good friend Arsene Wenger. ROY KEANE – Never one to shirk a challenge, Keane nominated Republic of Ireland manager Martin O’Neill before undergoing his own soaking with a wry smile and not so much as a flinch. That’s some brave ice. MESUT OZIL – The Arsenal star’s effort was executed with a minimum of fuss, his nominations quick and concise. German efficiency. DAVID MOYES – The undisputed winner of the ‘Best Scream Award’. A cruel person would say this video doubles as a pretty apt metaphor for his short reign at Manchester United, but we’re not cruel. SERGIO AGUERO – Thanking Lionel Messi for the nominationthe Manchester City star then cheekily puts manager Manuel Pellegrini in the firing line, along with former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher. GARETH BALE – The Real Madrid winger goes all out with his effort, enduring an industrial quantity of ice water before staggering out of shot, presumably to eventually go for a nice warm dip in that swimming pool. COLEEN ROONEY – Included on this list because Wayne did the soaking, almost knocking his wife out with the bucket in the process. MARCO MATERAZZI – We’ve saved the best for last. The former Inter defender nominates Zinedine Zidane (though, mercifully, not any of his immediate family) before soaking himself from the Champions League trophy, no less. Class.
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