Thursday, 14 August 2014

Above Ground Level: Modenine Drops New Album Artwork & Tracklist For 6th Studio Album

Above Ground LevelModenine Drops New Album Artwork & Tracklist For 6th Studio Album
Rapper Modenine will be dropping his star studded EP Above ground on August 25th, the album features numerous producers and musicians

Arguably Nigeria’s greatest rapper of the modern age, Modenine is set to release his 7th studio album, titled‘Above Ground Level (AGL)’, and he has unveiled the album tracklist and art.
The released tracklist contains 38 songs and throws up a number of surprises, with fairly known international acts who have little or no fan base in Nigeria, being given a feature. Rapper, Cannibus, South African singer, record producer and songwriter, Proverb, another continental musician, Chub Heigthz (Botswana), DJ Raiko (South Africa) and lots of others are on the album.
On the African front, A lot of big acts got the nod, with Ice Prince, Don Jazzy, Reminisce, Praiz, 9ice, as well as many fast-rising acts - Zaina, Ruby Gyang, Gentle, Aina Moore, Morell, and others. They all got to dovetail with the living legend to produce what many of his fans have termed ‘the greatest Hip hop album ever produced’.
Fans, critics and music aficionados have already had a taste of the album, with some singles already released. ‘Dobale’ featuring Gentle, and ‘NTBB (Not To Be Broadcast)’ ‘Bigger Than This’, Some More with Don Jazzy and ‘Bottles’ with Morell, have all been the delight of many ears.
The LP is expected to hit stores on the 25th of August, 2014. Check out the complete tracklist.
01. In The Sky (Above Ground Level)
02. Dobale Intro – Mikko Kapanen (Planet Earth Planet Rap)
03. Dobale Featuring Gentle
04. I See Featuring Ice Prince
05. Some More Featuring Don Jazzy
06. No be Ashewo
07. Mr Babatunde Featuring Gentle
08. Best Shape Of My Life Featuring Jamie
09. Where Una Dey Featuring XY
10. Oyea Rappers Featuring Reminisce
11. King Kong
12. One Two Featuring Zaina
13. Which Kind Love Featuring Praiz
14. Gaskia Featuring Ruby Gyang
15. Last Man Standing Featuring Amaka
16. Not My Famalam
17. Touring Featuring Zeus & Chub Heigthz (Botswana), Dj Raiko(South Africa)
18. Kere Si Numba Featuring 9ice
19. Hip-Hop is me Featuring Proverb (South Africa)
20. SuperHuman Featuring Canibus (USA)
21. Goodbye
CD 2 (Bonus Digital only)
01. Number1
02. Chingaba Featuring Msmooth & Lil B
03. Journey in Reverse
04. Bigboy Rap Part 2
05. No Carry Me Play Featuring Gentle
06. Flashy
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