Sunday, 13 July 2014

Watch This Fascinating Penis Flower Bloom To An Intimidating 1.9 METRES Tall 

You wouldnt usually expect a giant phallic-shaped object with a pungent smell to attract legions of misty-eyed horticulturists but a 1.9 metre high penis flower has done just that.

Actually named Titans Penis (yes, seriously), the towering plant native to the rainforests of Indonesia can lay dormant for up to 15 years.
But this Amorphophallus Titanum to give it its full Latin title has bloomed to a colossal 1.91 metres high, when, er, fully erect.
Thrill-seeking visitors to the Botanical Gardens of Copenhagen were treated to theflower in all its gloryand marvelled at its impressive diameter of 95cm.
Titans tackle has taken advantage of being the talk of the flowerbeds, blooming for the second time in just two years.
But there seems to be one small problem: the flower gives off a smellso foul and repugnantit has earned the nickname The Corpse Flower.
Titan might want to get that sorted out
Crowds have flocked in their hundreds to see the spectacle as it may only bloom for one or two days before wilting again.
The Danish beast sparked flower envy this week when it was pitted against a rival Titans Penis which bloomed at the Jardin des Plantes in Nantes, France.
But it came out on top in the size-stakes leaving its Gaellic rival to sheepishly wilt down from a frankly embarrassing height of 1.6 metres.
See Titans Penis bloom in the amazing timelapse video above.
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