Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Tragic: 11-Year-Old Shot To Death During Sleep Over At Her Best Friends House

Gun vilence spiraled out of control again in Chicago over the weekend, this time leaving an 11 year old girl fatally wounded.
Shamiya Adams was at a sleepover at her best friends house when a stray bullet struck and klled her, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The girl passed away after a bullet flew through the house and struck her in the head. Although the girl was immediately rushed to the hospital, she passed away on the next day.
11-year old Shamiya Adams was shot by a stray bullet at a sleep over in Chicago [Photo Credit: Naturally Moi]
They came out and told us she wasnt going to make it, Shamiyas grandmother told the Tribune. Oh, my God.
While police conducted their investigation, there were still marshmallows and chocolate spread around the room where the girls had been eating during the sleepover.
Everybody was in the room, said Aaron Hill, who lives at the home but wasnt there at the time of the shoting. They were just doing their girlie things. They heard shts and a bullet came through the window.
Its ridiculous. It really, really needs to stop, the girls grandmother said.
Those who knew the girl said she was joyous and always had a smile on her face. One neighbor described her as a a joyful, innocent child.
Every child deserves a childhood, said Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who visited the girls family.
The girls aunt, Tierra Goodlow, welcomed the mayors support but says more needs to be done to curb the citys vilence.
I think that was great for him to come, she told Fox 32,but lets get with the people out here doing this bad stuff on the street.
We dont want these perpetrators on the street to rest nowhere tonight, activist Andrew Holmes said, echoing the need to get vilent criminals off the street.
Over the weekend 40 people in all were sht, with four fatally wounded. A 12 year old girl was also among the wounded in this past weekends vilence.
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