Sunday, 13 July 2014

I’m still an upcoming artiste..Never feel like you have arrived”-Ice Prince

Ice Prince may have a BET Award to his name,several international collaborations under his belt ,when asked if his achievements make him the hottest rapper, he told Leadership NG…(Smiles) I dont see myself like that. I still see myself as an upcoming musician. I still see myself as having not arrived yet. Its not even about humility. That is how a man should see himself. I dont think as a human being you should ever get to a place that you believe you have arrived. Thats why I still see myself as upcoming. I dont think Dangote thinks he is the richest African, thats why hes still making money. You shouldnt believe that you have gotten there yet because that is way down- you get me? So there is still much more from Ice Prince. Its like I havent even started.
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