Friday, 25 July 2014

Gay Rights: Nigerian Homosexual Writes Open Letter

Gay RightsNigerian Homosexual Writes Open Letter
This young man who says he is proudly a gay Nigerian, wonders why homosexuals are not accepted in the country.
Gay people in Nigeria are becoming bolder, audacious and obviously intrepid these days with the way they are coming out of the closets, to let people know they have the right to practise their sex orientation.

As Nigerians grapple with this alien culture, this young man who calls himself Proudly Gay Nigerian Man, has come out with this open letter to justify his preference to being what he is. He is asking why Nigerians can’t let him and his ilk be and instead divert their hatred to fighting other vices in the country.
Read his letter here:
Have you men ever solemnly considered what it is about homosexuals that scare you? I use the word homosexuals to refer to both lesbians and gays, but Ill tell you this, I am really interested in talking about homophobia as it concerns gay men, because for some reason that is beyond me, we never seem to be angry or threatened by lesbians.
In fact I have heard one too many times how exciting the thought of two women doing it could be, but however connected the case of lesbian acceptance is to homophobia against men, I wont be addressing it here.
So, what is it about two men getting hot and heavy with each other that seem to terrify yall? This is not the time to whip out your Holy books at me, keep them aside for a second, will you?
Do you really imagine that you have a sense of propriety when you openly declare your hate for the gays? No, really why do we hate the gays? Is it some deeper issue that I have yet to understand or a mere case of hypocrisy?
I just want a sensible reason why I should take a piss on the rights of individuals who feel love and/or attraction for each other; I have not found it yet.
So if you can give me one, please do, however, no religious based arguments, chances are that youve broken most of the rules yourself. I mean, youre not Jesus, the perfect son of God.
In anticipation of the event that no one can come up with a logical reason for homophobia, Ill advise that you channel your contempt for the gays to contempt for our thieving leaders; the man/woman who (sexually) abused your sister, brother, wife, mother; Boko Haram; ignorance; hypocrisy, and the many other zillion things that mess up Nigeria.
Proudly Gay Nigerian Man
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