Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Bar Where Young Girl Was Filmed Performing Sex Acts On 24 Men Closed Down 

Council officials in Magaluf, Spain have ordered the closure of the bar where a British girl was filmed performing sex acts on 24 men for a cheap cocktail.

Local police say they have identified Playhouse as the bar where the video was taken.
The owners of the bar have been hit with a 43,500 fine they have been told to pay with controversial entertainment firm Carnage.
Both Playhouse and Carnage have also been told they must shut for a year unless they can successfully appeal against the council decision.
The pair, formally notified on Thursday, July 24, 2014 of the fine and closure orders, have been given 15 working days to appeal.
A council spokesman said: The town hall has shown it is acting in a scrupulous legal fashion.
Weve acted only when a full and conclusive police report was in place.
We havent acted on the spur of the moment based on the sole evidence of a video posted on the Internet.
I think the message is clear. The town hall wont tolerate activities of the kind featured in the video under any circumstances.
We will use all the laws we have available to us to ensure there is no repetition.
Playhouse and Carnage now have 15 days to defend themselves and I am sure they will do so because a 12-month closure could make anything think about closing up permanently.
The spokesman added: Theres nothing to stop Carnage opening up again under a different name if the council decision prospers.
But if they chose to do so theyll have to be aware of what theyre up against.
A lot of bars and hotels they have been working with might not be so keen to work with them in the future.
The fine of 55.000 euros is a joint fine they can pay between them but the closure orders affects them both for the full 12 months.
Manuel Onieva, mayor of the municipality of Calvia which covers Magaluf, ordered a police investigation earlier this month after the video of an 18-year-old British holidaymaker performing multiple sex acts on men inside a bar went viral.
He spoke of his disgust at the video and warned then bars face closure if they were found to have broken the law.
Officials were appalled after a video of the young girl performing sex acts on 24 men went viral on the internet [Photo Credit: PA]A spokesperson for the local council said they will not tolerate any similar activities in future following the video [Photo Credit: PA]
The council said it was fining Playhouse and Carnage and closing them down for 12 months because they had failed to comply with laws which made them responsible for ensuring under-age children had not witnessed the sordid events from inside or outside the bar.
It also said there had been a clear breach of the law because a pornographic show had taken place in an establishment licenced to operate as a music bar.
Council licensing boss Juan Feliu said: The law states quite clearly that under-age children cannot participate in or witness pornographic shows.
Establishments like Playhouse have a responsibility to make sure the law is upheld and we say the bar and Carnage have not adopted all objective measures to guarantee that was the case.
The sole possibility that there were under-age children present is a more than sufficient reason to sanction according to the law.
Playhouse has windows for instance and from outside you can see whats happening inside.
The police report is very comprehensive and the town hall obviously feels it has enough evidence to name Playhouse as the bar where the video was taken.
The council decision coincided with the introduction of new regulations governing bar crawls which have just come into force.
Local officials have revealed that seven firms have applied for new bar crawl licences including Carnage [Photo Credit: Jamie Wiseman/Daily Mail]
Paul Smith, who is a director of Carnage said he would be appealing the councils decision to fine the company [ Photo Credit: Jamie Wiseman/ Daily Mail]
Seven firms thought to include Carnage have applied for new town hall licences to run the controversial events.
Guides have to wear special jackets identifying them from punters and pub crawl groups are limited to 50 people.
Opposition councillors in Magaluf say the decision to regulate them is sending out the wrong message and insist the answer if the resort is to clean itself up, is to ban them.
Magaluf was branded a lawless party resort after the shocking sex video emerged.
Council officials said under their rules young children cannot witness or participate in pornographic shows [Photo Credit: Jamie Wiseman/Daily Mail]
Under new rules, guides escorting guests on their binge-drinking escapades have to wear special jackets [Photo Credit: PA]
One of Majorcas top politicians Jose Ramon Bauza earlier branded Punta Ballena 500 metres of shame [Photo Credit: Alamy]
New videos of British holidaymakers having sex in the street have been posted on the Internet since.
Majorcas top politician Jose Ramon Bauza branded Punta Ballena, the most brash part of Magaluf, as 500 metres of shame earlier this week.
Mayor Manuel Onieva has promised tough action to keep it ordered, organised and safe but pledged not to turn his back on the area because so many local families depend on it for their livelihood.
Calvia town hall said in a formal statement said: Calvia town hall has notified the owner of Playhouse in Martin Ros Garcia Street and those responsible for the firm Carnage Magaluf of a sanction of 12 months closure and a 55,000 fine.
It notified them on Thursday afternoon after determining, following a full Calvia local police investigation, that it was in the Playhouse bar that multiple sex acts filmed on video and posted on the Internet earlier this month, took place.
The incidents took place in mid-June according to the police report.
The town hall also holds Carnage Magaluf responsible, because it was the organiser and promoter of the activity that took place during the pub crawl when the illegal act was committed.
Carnage director Paul Smith, who refused to apologise over the sex video, said last night he would release a statement early next week.
Asked if he would appeal, he said: What do you think? Yes, of course.
The owner of Playhouse, which is run under a company name, could not be contacted.
Carnage and The Playhouse bar have been ordered to cease trading by council officials for 12 months 
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