Thursday, 31 July 2014

15-Yr-Old Japanese Girl Beheads Classmate And Chops Off Her Hand

A Japanese teenage girl has been arrested over strangling and then beheading her classmate.
Apart from that the suspect was said to have chopped off the victims hand, Daily Mail reports.
Police detained the 15-year-old in her high school apartment which was all soaked in blood with the dead body of Aiwa Matsuko found lying on the bed.

The suspect allegedly stabbed Matsuko 10 times with some blunt object, then strangled her and cut off the body parts.
The alarm was raised when the victims parents reported to the police that their daughter had not returned home from her friends place, while they knew she had planned to leave it around 7pm.
According to the local police, the suspect confessed to the crime without having explained her motives yet.
Media characterize the murder as one of the most brutal killings in Japan in the recent years.
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